2017 Fiscal Year – Summary

On April 30 Wheels For Kids completed its 2017 fiscal year. Well, what a year it has been. The results are in – 486 bikes delivered this year. Over the past three years we have averaged about 270 bikes each year. The Toys for Tots bikes we received in January 2017 pushed the number this fiscal year to nearly double our average. We had a once in a lifetime opportunity to make even more of a difference in Tucson and our team stepped up. As a result there are 486 new kids and families in Tucson who are blessed with a bike they would otherwise not have.

The extra efforts of everyone on the Wheels For Kids team this year are heartwarming and deserving of respect and admiration. As President I send my deepest thanks. It is an honor to work together and be part of this wonderful organization of all volunteers. We would also like to thank the charities we have worked with this year. It is also through their efforts that all those bikes made their way to deserving kids, adults and families in Tucson