Sun City Oro Valley Provides OUTSTANDING Support for Wheels for Kids!

Since it’s start in 2007, Wheels for Kids has enjoyed wonderful support from the Sun City Oro Valley
Community. They have provided storage space free of charge and services large and small that
allow us to conduct our mission — provide bikes for those in need. Early financial support was
primarily provided by Vistoso Cyclists.

One particular group has been incredibly supportive financially. The Sun City Vistoso Community
Foundation provided a grant in 2017 that allowed us to purchase a 40 foot container for temporary
bike storage. That proved to be of immense help to our organization’s efficiency. We were now
able to devote our time to repairing bikes rather than moving them from place to place for
temporary storage.

This year they made another very generous donation, which will ensure that we have the parts and
supplies we need to begin another season’s work. By the end of this next season, we should be
approaching 3,000 bikes delivered.

There are 2,605 local people who are very grateful for Wheels for Kids and their very generous
supporters. Thank you Sun City Vistoso Community Foundation for your very generous sustained