AZwfk – Saddlebrooke Cyclemasters Bike Round-up

Recently Wheels For Kids participated in the Saddlebrooke Cyclemasters Community Bike Round-up. The objective was to collect gently used bikes from all three Saddlebrooke developments and donate them to charity in Tucson. Wheels For Kids was chosen as one of the two organizations to receive the bikes, refurbish them and donate to charities throughout greater Tucson.

What a successful day. A total of 110 bikes were collected. WFK received 55 bikes. They were in very good condition. That is a plus when purchasing parts and in the time required to refurbish them.

The Saddlebrooke Cyclemasters Club did a great job organizing and executing the event. The club had spent time collecting some bikes in advance of the round-up. In addition a team of volunteers was on site during the round-up hours to receive the bikes, along with some helmets, clothing and equipment. Each donor was thanked for their generosity. When the round-up was complete the bikes were loaded for transport to WFK storage in Sun City.

On behalf of all those who will receive these bikes Wheels For Kids would like to thank Saddlebrooke Cyclemasters volunteers for their time, talents and generosity in making this event possible. It was a heartwarming beautiful day in Arizona.