In Memory of Arlyn Kinkel

Arlyn Kinkel liked nothing better than to be outdoors and on his bike. When he moved to Sun City Vistoso in the 1990’s, he was excited to find a group of kindred spirits here: cycling enthusiasts who introduced him to group riding. They inspired him to get some good equipment (like a carbon fiber bike) and soon he was a regular. In fact, he loved riding with the Vistoso Cyclists so much that he planned his weeks around the scheduled rides. A quiet man, he would light up when he spoke to his family of the mileage the group had covered and the speeds reached. While he spent his summer months near Traverse City, Michigan, he trained hard there just so he could keep his conditioning for when he rejoined his Vistoso Cyclist friends each fall.

Arlyn Kinkel — Ride Around Torch Lake — Michigan

Additionally, Arlyn enjoyed bushwhacking with the Vistoso Hiking Club. He was veteran of the Korean War and a loyal Wisconsin Badger, having received his three degrees from the College of Pharmacy in Madison. He was a handy, do-it-yourselfer who would have loved the Wheels for Kids program and certainly would have eagerly jumped in to help, turning wrenches with the rest of us. A beloved father of three and grandfather of four, he was a humble guy who would never have sought the spotlight. But he would be thrilled to see what we are doing for these kids in his honor: presenting them with their very own bikes so that they, too, can experience the joy and freedom of cycling.

We’ve dedicated Wheels For Kids to the memory of Arlyn because it’s in our remembering him that we find the values and inspiration we need to make Wheels For Kids a success.

Arlyn’s deep passion for biking, his love of interacting with other biking enthusiasts, his respect for—and kindness towards—his many biking buddies, his commitment to riding safely and to earning the physical benefits cycling has to offer…all these things exemplify the values held by the people who volunteer to make Wheels For Kids what it is: an organization dedicated to giving not just bikes, but the gift of bicycling to kids.

Arlyn Kinkel — Red, White and Blue — Michigan