Bike Donations

Ideally, what we are looking for are “gently used” bikes. They may be a bit dirty with a scratch here or there, and the tires may be a bit past their prime, but their parts are all there and things, while they may be a bit cranky, at least work.

We can replace tires and chains, brake pads, and handle bar grips, but our goal is to get as many kids riding on their own bikes as possible, so we’d rather spend a day refurbishing several bikes than several days refurbishing one.

What we can’t use are bikes with broken, bent or cracked frames (including forks), or anything that’s started to rust through the paint or chrome.

Businesses displaying this sign have graciously volunteered to serve as Wheels For Kids Drop-Off Locations.

You may bring your donated bikes to them.

Drop-Off Locations

We are continuing to add more drop-off locations throughout the Tucson area. In the meantime, though, we’re more than happy to come pick up any bike(s) you have to donate. Please send us a note if you have any questions or want to let us know you have one or more bikes to donate.