Tax deductible Donations

To Donate Money (it makes the wheels go ’round)

We have five convenient ways you can help Wheels For Kids succeed by donating money:

You can donate online via credit card or a Paypal account

Click on the QR code and donate through Venmo

You can write a check to "Wheels For Kids" and then mail it to the following address:

Wheels For Kids
1361 E Placita Meseta Dorada
Oro Valley, AZ 85755

You can walk into any Chase Bank and let the teller know you’d like to deposit money into the "Wheels For Kids" account.

You can log into your own bank's website or app, add "WHEELS FOR KIDS" (phone: 360-441-1236) as a Zelle recipient, and send us your donation via Zelle. There is no cost to you (or us) for this online transfer of funds.

Reduce dollar for dollar what you pay in Arizona Income tax while supporting Wheels For Kids.

Couples who file jointly can reduce their state tax up to $800.00

Individuals or head of household filers can claim a tax credit up to $400.00

The deadline for qualifying for the 2021 tax year is April 15, 2022 on AZ Department of Revenue form 321 (Credit for Contributions to Qualifying Charitable Organizations).

Wheels For Kids is a 501(c)(3) organization (click to verify).

Click here to see our AZ Dept. of Revenue “Notice of Certification

For your reference, AZ Wheels for Kids is:

  • Arizona Qualified Charitable Organization number 20814 and

  • IRS EIN number: 45-4714911